Friday, April 29, 2011

4/29 update

Here is an email tiff sent me earlier today:
Rj is doing about the same, we had the speech pathologist come in yesterday to check out his mouth functions, he said his tongue is symetrical which shows both sides of his brain are functioning correctly from his stroke. His sucking reflex is there now all RJ needs to do is wake up so he can nurse! the doc said the best thing for him is to nurse because if forces him to multitask, which he does not need to do if he is bottle fed.
RJ was put is put on a schedule now. he eats from his feeding tube every 3 hours. they call them cares and on those 3 hour marks me and aaron are able to change his diaper, take his temp, swab his poor dry mouth, brush his hair, all that fun stuff that we are SO glad they let us help out with! get to still be involved in taking care of him! soon well be starting a bath schedule.
this morning when we got here an ultrasound tech came, there has been discoloration in his right leg ever since he was born, when he was having his seizures there was a marble look in his skin that turned red and white, anyways, they wanted to see if there were any clots or anything in that leg. it came back completely normal thankfully! so that is just a skin thing that well just have to keep an eye on. his feedings keep gradually getting bigger, they did not want to overwhelm him at first, but he is eating 76ml every 3 hours. he is gaining tons of weight:)
we have been snap happy today! ill get those pics to you asap! thank you everybody for all your support and prayers, it means the world to me and aaron and we definately feel the effect of your prayers.

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