Saturday, April 30, 2011

4/30 update

My baby is doing so good today! right when me and aaorn got here he just had the biggest gummiest smile when he heard us come in! it was seriously the cutest thing ever! They changed his bed today, I am sure you have seen the bed he has been in from the pictures but now they put him in a crib sort of thing. He does not need the light to keep him warm he can just use the blanets now:) this means he can wear clothes too! He is wearing clothes that the NICU has for him and can i just say they are hideous! I cant wait to get him home and dress him cute! he has to keep one arm out of his shirt because of his PICC line so the doctors can have access to it as much as possible.
He still has not opened his eyes, but he is trying so hard! We saw a tiny sliver of them today but still not a full eye opening! He is sucking on his binki really good, when he wants to, which means hopefully he will be as good at nursing as he was before he got in here! He just needs to wake up so IIIIIII can feed him!
His second spinal tap came back, and what they found was it still had a bunch of white blood cells in the fluid, which means our little Rj gets to stay in here 21 days! We just keep telling ourselves we would rather have him in here getting better than having a poor sick baby at home.
Well friends this is all the update I have for today! Youll hear from me soon:)
With all our love, Tiff, aaron, Sage, and RJ

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