Sunday, May 1, 2011

He opened his eyes!!

My little nephew opened his eyes last night!! That makes me so happy to hear, and im sure the thygersons are just thrilled! Im just glad to hear that he is starting to make some progress. I cant get the picture to work that tif sent me this morning so ill get that on here as soon as I can. RJ looks so cute in the picture (of course) so ill work on posting it. And here is an update from tiffy. Thanks for praying for my sis and her family.

RJ OPENED HIS EYES LAST NIGHT!! Of course Aaron was home watching Sage so I was snapping pictures like crazy to send to him! I walked in and started just talking to him, he had the biggest smile and opened his eyes and looked right at me! These past few days he would open them squinting once in awhile, but last night was completely open!!! So i took that opportunity to try and nurse him, and he totally nursed for a little bit! It seriously made my whole week! obviously:) Aaron went to the hospital this morning for his feeding and he started opening his eyes again so i think we are starting to see a wide awake baby now! its so hard with his medicine because it makes him drowsy but the doctors are going to start making it so his medicine is given to him so he is awake during the day and asleep at night, which will be nice:) He is just starting to LOOK healthier which is exactly what we have been wanting to see! Thank you for all your prayers, fasts, and thoughts. It is definitely rubbing off on him! We will update you soon! xoxo
love Tiff, Aaron, Sage, and RJ

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