Saturday, May 21, 2011

He is home!

Ok.. so our computer crashed the day we brought RJ home! of course huh!! so were sorry we havent updated you in so long! My amazing hubby just fixed it so ill finally let you all know how RJ is doing! Hes doing AMAZING!!! he is seriously such a good baby! only cries when he is hungry... thats it! totally oposite from my sweetie sage:) He just has such a sweet spirit about him and we cant get enough of him! He is drinking about 6-7 oz each feeding! He is weighing 12 6 according to his dr appointment from the 16th so he is probably weighing more now! in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes! haha we love em chunky!
As far as his appointments go we have tons of follow up appointments for the next few months. its going to be very busy and ill have to be on top of things! He was sent home on his seizure medicatoins which he will have to be on until neurology decides he is done with it, so who knows how long. but other than that life is going back to normal! he is such a smiler! Some people may say it is gas but i don believe it! he is a happy baby and happy to be home! His burps are seriously grown man burps! they are sooo loud! and his farts haha im glad he gets those bubbles out so easily!
anyways we just again want to thank EVERYBODY for all their thoughts and prayers! once you see RJ you can just see how strong he is becasue of all of your fasting, prayers, thoughts, everything! we cant thank you enough we love all of you so much!
Love Tiff, Aaron, Sage, RJ

Im sure all of you have a facebook account? Mom posted a ton of pictures on her page or RJ coming home. I cant get them to load for some reason.. so check them out there and ill keep trying :-)

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