Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday update

Since it is late and im WAY tired im going to update you in bullet points:D
* Rj has been in the most critical Pod (pod D) which is for the most critical kids. but today he was moved to Pod B which means he is in the "getting better" rooms! Yay! once he moves to Pod A that will be the going home rooms! I was so happy he moved in there today!
* He is going home on his seizure medicine, which they have been giving him through an iV, but last night they changed it to an oral dose, which is DISGUSTING! but it was mixed with my milk so it was not too bad he did really good with not gagging on it! this is another step closer to bringing him home! Yes it is still a total of 21 days of him being in there so may 16th hopefully!
* He had a sponge bath today which he was not quite sure what to think about it! he got cold! well be posting the pics of that as soon as i get the pictures from the nurse, it was on the hospital camera. but he smells so clean!!
* They officially took out his feeding tube! Were hoping that they will not have to put another one in, but they go by every 24 hours, so that could change. but yay he looks so better without that in!
* He is weighing 11 something pounds and keeps gaining weight! My big boy:D

this is all i have for you today! love you all!
love tiff, aaorn, sage, and rj!

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  1. Wonderful!!!! RJ has a lot of awesome people pulling for him, his sister and his parents. Any news on how long he will need to be on seizure meds? Or any update on how the battle is going with the Menangitis (sp?)? Do they think the two are definitely related?