Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday May 4th update

Wow Our baby is a complete different baby than he was last week! He is opening his eyes, talking to us, just tons of personality! he is just looking and feeling better! To proove this, he pulled his feeding tube out!! He is trying to tell us i want mommy and mommy only! They were thinking that they were going to leave it out, but he still gets too tired at night becasue of his seizure medicine so they decided to put another one back in.
His umbilical chord fell off! i was putting his shirt on and off it came! this means he can not get baths so hopefully sometime next week hell get one! Along with pulling out his feeding tube he also hates his leads! they are what monitor his heart beat, oxygen, etc.. he pulls them off all the time! He is trying to tell us he is READY to come home!
Sage is hanging in there! Thank you everybody for all your help in watching her it means so much to us so we can go be at the hosptal with our buddy!
He was moved into a real crib today! He was moved from the heating bed, to the small plastic beds that they go in right when they are born, to this crib! he will be in this crib until he goes home! He has been sharing a room with 2 other babies cus they are deep cleaning all the rooms, so hopefully well get moved back to our room with a view soon!
So the nurse came in today and said that RJ is officially the biggest baby in the NICU! He is off their charts and just an adorable chunk! He is eating so so good and loves to take his bottle when he is awake and im not there.
Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts and time and food! we seriously appreciate it more than we can explain! x0x0!
love tiff, aaron, sage, and RJ

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