Monday, May 9, 2011

5/8 update

So we got a call around 8 last night and the nurse told us that RJ's picc line clotted off! holy moly good thing they caught it since his picc line is attached to his heart! so they took that out immediately and our little guy is going to just be on plain iv's for the rest of his stay. When we got the call i headed over there for his feeding, and they were putting an iv in his poor little head! he was screaming so i just went and held his hand and tried not to cry!! he was so brave!! it took the nurses 3 pokes to get it in! Since he was screaming the nurse said just to feed him before giving him his seizure medicine cus he was mad (which they are doing by mouth now)so i did and he fell asleep!! after forever trying to wake him up she finally said we need to put a feeding tube down his throat cus he needed to get it in his system! so he just laid on my lap passed out while she put the feeding tube down! seriously after this experience my little guy will be able to go through anything! we loe him so much! it was a very interesting mothers day in the nicu! we love you all ill keep you posted!
love the thygersons!

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